The FMS Process

Fox Microbrewery Solutions, Inc. offers more than just waste water plant design and design/build.  We offer a process that guides our clients through the complex and confusing world of waste water treatment and regulation.  We provide the tools necessary to gain the initial government and municipal approvals to build and install waste water plants.

We then audit the proposed or current brewery’s needs for waste water treatment to help our clients develop a realistic budget plan.  This audit protects the client from spending more on a system then they really need.  We would then design the system and supervise all phases of the installation to insure everything is done properly.  Finally, a licensed operator would train the client’s staff to properly run and maintain the system or find a local operator to do it for them.

We can also train the brewery staff to implement cleaning and side streaming processes that will help reduce the cost of operating the system, both through reducing water usage and by alleviating the need for pH treatment at the waste water plant itself.  Even after the system is finished and we have moved on, help is only a phone call or email away.

We can send out operators to troubleshoot onsite or just answer questions over the phone.  There is even an email newsletter sent out to all of our clients whenever we have a way to improve their systems.

Not everyone will need this much help, but we feel it is important to offer as much support as possible to our clients.