Battle Street Brewery

The Story…

Dansville, NY is a small town south of Rochester with a rich history. Most notably it is where Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross and the first chapter still operates there today. Dansville also served as a primary pathway for the railroad industry in the late 1800’s.

Our story begins with longtime Dansville natives, the Acomb family, who had seen an old rail depot crumbling away and decided that something needed to be done to preserve its history within the town.

The Acomb family purchased the depot and eventually settled on developing it into a local brewery.  We are excited to be part of this endeavor as we believe part of what makes a brewery special is its connection to the people it serves.  Battle Street Brewery will revitalize this aging building and make it part of the burgeoning 21st century brewing industry landscape!

Our Work

We’ve been engaged with the Acomb family with all facets of the brewery operational design phases including:

  • Business Plan
  • Brewery Layout Design
  • Equipment Design
    • Malt handling
    • Brew house sizing (we went big on the mash tun and layered it with a steam jacket)
  • Equipment Sourcing
  • Glycol system from chiller to tank connections
  • Electric, water, air, and CO2 location planning
  • Floor coating
  • Wastewater Treatment System
  • Supervision equipment installation

The Story Behind Battle Street Brewery

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